Sona Books Archive

A community-based chapbook press, 2002-2012

Read a 2012 interview about Sona Books in Her Circle and a 2006 essay about the press in HOW2: Experimental Writing by Women.


TITLES Published 2002-2012

4000 Words 4000 Dead & Revolutionary Optimism by Jennifer Karmin

Analfabeto / An Alphabet by Ellen Baxt

Arrival and at Mono by Stephen Motika

Be H(ear) Now by Jonny Farrow

Blessing Street by Michael Willard

The Bright Light of Confusion and Doubtby CeciliaVicuña (CD)

The Coop Articles: Dispatches from the Park Slope Food Coop, 2002-2007 by Johannah Rodgers

Direction for How to Leave Poetry by Stephen Motika and Jill Magi

The Fit by Joanna Sondheim

from Flashes by Jennifer Firestone

Goldfish Kisses by Ernest Concepcion and Paolo Javier

In the Madrones by Stephen Motika

Inventory by Laura Goldstein

A Love Story in 51 Transactions by Annie Abdalla

Necessary Fictions by Johannah Rodgers

Pleasure is a Treasure by Jennifer Firestone and Jill Magi

Shirley Shirley by Alicia Askenase

snapshot by Jennifer Firestone

Since I Last Wrote by Ellen Baxt

TRANSECTs by E. J. McAdams

Thaumatrope by Joanna Sondheim

A Token is a Thinkg upon a Tongue by Alan Davies

What did you do with your body or mind? by Sara Jordeno and Jill Magi

Windsor Place by Scott Henstrand

Zamboangueña by Corrine Fitzpatrick